15hh Suffolk Punch

Skate Name
Suffolk Punch
Bont Hybrid Carbon
Roll Line Killer
Roll Line hockey wheels 92a or 94a
Current Team
15hh Suffolk Punch, SRD
Past Teams
15hh Suffolk Punch
How did you get into derby? I moved to Suffolk without knowing anyone, and wanted to find a new hobby that was fun, where I could meet new friends and get fit. After the first session I was hooked! Awesome people and the game is not only challenging physically but mentally, there is a place for every body type and personality in Roller Derby!
When did you start skating? I used to skate on the road outside my house as a kid, pretending to be in Starlight Express! Apart from a few roller discos as a teenager I hadn’t done much skating till I started roller derby in 2012!
What other sports have you done? Horse-riding, Cycling, Scuba Diving, Triathlon
What’s your super power? I can talk to the animals