I Like What You Block!

In the months leading up to March 26th I really only had one thing on my mind, SRD’s Rick And Morty inspired event, “Show Me What You Block: Interdimensional Roller Derby”. It was my brain child but wasn’t possible without the help of many people. I’m a man of many ideas but unfortunately I have the attention span of a gnat so it took the constant but gentle prodding of our fearless leader Asterisk (Astrid Coxon) to make sure I kept on top of everything from the merch t-shirts to the vendors.

In the end, everything went so much better than I could have hoped for. Both the rookie and advanced games were really exciting to watch – we managed to do a surprisingly good job at balancing both teams as both games were pretty much neck and neck throughout. Several of our own, newer members played in their first or second games at the event and all did an amazing job. The special merch shirts and patches sold well and continue to sell well on the website (more shirt stock coming soon)! Our very own Tubesock Shakur (Jason Ryan) was a hilarious host as “Ripped Rick”, and the piñatas (made by Tomfoolery (Tom Beasley) and Kerry Byrne) for the winning teams went down fantastically well (although Tubesock nearly took a bat to the face – must use foam bats next time!).


I’ve had several great comments from skaters, refs and NSOs saying how fun the event was. It really made the months of planning, prepping and stressing all worth it and will make me much more confident about putting on similar events in the future (maybe with a bit less airhorn).

Thanks to everyone who helped run the event, skated, officiated and cheered on the teams. I had a great day and hope you all did too.


– Rolling Suplex #316







notes from the President…
*Didn’t manage to get to Show Me What You Block? Worry not! You can still catch a slice of the action. Both games are available on our YouTube channel – the rookie game here, and the advanced game here {ok, when I get back from Iceland, because I’m having trouble editing this on my phone! – prez}
*And don’t forget about the SWEET MERCH
*Show Me What You Block will be tough to top, but we’ll do our best – we’ve got a whole load of events lined up for the rest of the year, and more to come soon!

Later, sports fans 🙂
-Asterisk* #8

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