Captain’s Blog: Men’s Champs vs. Wirral Pack Animals, 4th Feb 2017

Captain’s log… February 2017 a new final frontier…

We are stranded somewhere in the derbyverse with little to no hope of rescue. I and a large number of the crew have decided to give up and eat what cheese remains in the ships supplies.

So here we are, a little over a week after our first competitive game of the season in a new higher tier. What a weekend… we skated hard and partied even harder. The support from the girls who came up to cheer us on was fantastic and I definitely spent this week feeling warm and fuzzy from the SRD love. So to all the people cheering at the bout and at home watching the feed from Asterisk’s phone, thank you!


TeamFinal ScoreOutcome

For me there are mixed emotions after our first defeat in a competitive game. Wirral Pack Animals put us all through our paces (especially the jammers) and came out on top albeit by a fairly small points margin. I really don’t like to lose! The first few days after the bout I wasn’t happy with our performance, a lot of people were surprised we managed to go toe to toe with a veteran tier 2 side, but I know we could have played better, especially myself.

However after some days of deep thought, I actually feel very positive about the result, and more importantly the team going forward. We have seen where we were short and what is and isn’t working with our new setup and style of play. Everyone stepped up when the time came and we could have easily walked away from Blackpool with our first win, which says a lot!

Last year we used our 3-and-1 strategy to great effect, and perhaps sometimes it worked so well that it papered over the cracks in terms of ability and skill. This was the first bout I have skated in where the opponents were more or less using the exact same strategy. Teams at this level are wise to our tricks, so we have to learn newer, better tricks and different skills if we want to play on this stage! I’ve watched the game a lot and we have the skaters, and ability, one of the things that will define our season is effort put in before bout day.

photo courtesy of Gemma Thompson

This bout brought along with it another first for SRD. It was the first time we have had to bench skaters. Ultimately this came down to attendance, but with Peachy coming back into the fold for the next bout and other promising skaters coming through, unfortunately there is going to be more times where we have to tell multiple people that they didn’t make the bout day team! It’s not a fun thing for me and coach to do, but it’s a decision that has to be made… so, all the boys (and girls) need to show up to training and train as hard as possible!

It’s going to be a long and tough season with lots of derby to play. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we are still only into the second year of actually having a bouting men’s team. We have come along way in such a short period of time and I definitely feel we have more to prove! Now I’m looking forward to upping the intensity at training and trying out new things before our next bout which we will be hoping to win!

– Guy Pie #69

photo courtesy of Steve Layfield



notes from the President…
*You can find more photos from the day here, here and here
*Our next Men’s Champs game is against Mild Discomfort on the 1st of April – more details to follow soon!
*Our first Women’s Champs game is coming up on the 18th of February – we’ll be in Newark facing up against the Lincolnshire Bombers! There’s a roller disco afterwards, so bring your skates
*header image is courtesy of Peter Harris

See you soon, sports fans!
-Asterisk* #8

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