Suffolk women take the win in home British Championships game

SRD’s home women’s British Championships event for 2018 is done and dusted and went even better than expected! Running an event is always a lot of work, but it was alright on the night; as always, our well-practised organisers sorted out the logistics, from the track to sound systems to provisions. Great work everyone!
First game of the day was between the Grim Reavers and Deathrow Hull, a game we watched closely, as we will be playing both teams later in the season. This was hard-fought all the way through, although the Grim Reavers also had to contend with low skater numbers, and in the end Deathrow Hull took the win 222 to 195.

Next SRD women took on the York Minxters. There is always a bit of uncertainty when playing a team for the first time, but our women’s team has been working extremely hard on building solid walls, and this training quickly kicked in. We were able to consistently hold their jammers, though the Minxters fought hard for the whole game and constantly challenged us to execute our game plan. The final score stood at 602 points to SRD, 20 to York Minxters.

SRD award winners

Well done to our skaters’ choice award winners Hurricane Ali (Best Blocker), Crystal Beth (Best Jammer) and Indi-Hannah Jones (Most Valuable Player).


Thanks again

Thanks so much to all the teams for making the long journey to Suffolk, and again to all our SRD organisers, announcers, photographers and everyone else who volunteered to help out. Special thanks goes to the home and visiting referees and non-skating officials for their generosity with their time and expertise.

What’s next?

Our next home game will be our men’s team home British Champs fixture on 19th of May, where we will be playing local rivals East Anglo Smacksons. In the meantime we will be focusing on training for away games with our mixed-sex team and our women’s B team, and are also planning to run a beginners’ course. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news!